The Hands Free Whopper – By Cameron Heffernan

This actually happened, and not in America.

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Review: Planet Acetate Compilation #1 Feat. Dan Clare – By Gavin Muirhead

We just got our hands on the Planet Acetate compilation for summer 2013, and we can’t wait for the next one.

Planet Ace1

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NBA Conference Finals: News and Notes – By Cameron Heffernan – Updated

The Spurs look to close out the Grizzles at home, and Miami gets back on course.



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Last Night My Dreams Came True: A ‘Fresh Prince’ Reunion – By Cameron Heffernan

Not much needs to be said. Just watch the video below, and enjoy the sweet, sweet reunion that is Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Alfonso Ribeiro on the Graham Norton Show. Also known as Will, Carlton and Jazz. The freshest to ever step foot in Bel-Air.

NBA Conference Finals: News And Notes – By Cameron Heffernan

It’s been a while – with all the Xbox and Playstation news – since the folks here at HefferBrew have given a hoot about the NBA playoffs. Now is the time for that hoot to be given.

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