Place Your Bets: The Next Batman- By HefferBrew

With the announcement of the impending super team up of Batman and Superman, the guys at HefferBrew each have a case for who they think should be next to take up the cowl.

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DC Chucks a Batarang At Marvel – By Gavin Muirhead

DC Comics laid down the gauntlet this weekend with their announcement of Justice League. Oh, and Batman.

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Review: “Only God Forgives”- by Dustin Brewer

Dustin takes a look at the new film from “Drive” collaborators Nicolas Winding Refn and Ryan Gosling, “Only God Forgives” and if all the negative publicity and disgust surrounding it is warranted.

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MLB, NBA, NFL Mega-Podcast – By HefferBrew and The D-Lo Sports Special

The founders of HefferBrew sit down with the founder of the D-Lo Sports Special, to discuss all things sports… Well, the sports we care about. Sorry soccer, golf and tennis.

Screen_shot_2011-02-07_at_11.33.19_AM– From The Sopranos

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