Watch This Immediately: James Franco & Seth Rogen “Bound 3”

By Dustin Brewer

UPDATE: Kim Kardashian tweeted these out late last night, giving Rogen and Franco the thumbs up but more importantly, stating that it got the approval of Kanye, who has had more than his fair share of issues with people joking about what he does. 



It’s no secret HefferBrew is a pretty big fan of Kanye West but even we were left scratching our heads after the premiere of his latest video for “Bound 2.”

Fortunately, James Franco and Seth Rogen found themselves with some downtime while making their new movie together (side note: If they can just make sure they’re in every movie together, that’d be pretty solid) and decided the best thing to do was film a shot-for-shot remake of the “Bound 2” video.

Yes. It’s as amazing as it sounds. Franco is Kanye, Seth is Kim. Let the magic happen.

*Warning: This video is pretty NSFW


NBA News and Notes

By Dustin Brewer

It’s been an interesting start to the NBA season to say the least but a few key storylines over the weekend have taken over all the headlines. Some for all the right reasons, some unfortunately not.

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NFL Week 13 Fantasy Football Start ‘em Or Sit ‘em

By Dustin Brewer and Gavin Muirhead

It’s finally here, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The end of the Fantasy Football regular season means two things, regular football is really starting to get interesting and we can soon stop writing fantasy projections.


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First Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Sabotage”

By Dustin Brewer

We’ve got your first look at the new film from “End of Watch” director David Ayer with Arnold Schwarzenegger headlining an all-star cast in what looks to continue Arnold’s comeback of nonstop success.

Teaming with Ayer and crew, the men behind “Training Day” and “End of Watch” is a perfect move for Arnold as he plays a DEA squad leader forced to battle a ruthless cartel after his team busts their meth lab. When $10 million from the sting vanishes and DEA agents start turning up dead, Arnold looks to take matters into his own hands to save his family and clear his, and his team’s) names.

NFL Week 12 Fantasy Football Start ‘em Or Sit ‘em

By Dustin Brewer and Gavin Muirhead

Welcome once again to HefferBrew and Fantasy Football Start ’em or Sit ’em for Week 12.

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