About The HefferBrew


HefferBrew was founded by Dustin Brewer and Cameron Heffernan. We consist of the mundane and unappreciative thoughts of a few writers on Entertainment, Sports and Sports Entertainment (Wrasslin).

Dustin Brewer is a 22-year old journalist with an unhealthy knowledge and passion for sports, movies and NASCAR.

Cameron Heffernan on the other hand, found it easier in life to pick apart the things that people enjoy instead of just enjoying them. He feels he must do this in order to bring balance to the force, Or some nerdy crap like that.

Enjoy our articles and please feel free to tell us what you think, either in the comments of each article, on Twitter at @HefferBrew, on Facebook, or through email at hefferbrew@gmail.com. Thank you again for checking us out. Tell your friends or Robocop will find you, and ruin you walls.


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