The Brass Ring Podcast – The Fast Lane Cometh

The guys discuss the Fast Lane to Wrestlemaina that is, Fast Lane. They also discuss the finer points of a possible Stone Cold return, Brock staying after Mania and where the WWE is headed as a company (Story-wise).


The Brass Ring Podcast Ep. 7 – The desolate road to Fast Lane

Tyler and Cameron discuss NXT’s Takeover: Rivals and why matches like Owens vs. Zayn, Balor vs. Neville and even Itami vs. Breeze usurp anything the WWE main product is putting out. They also discuss the NBA All Star celebrity game because they were watching that while they podcast. It get’s real guys. Fast Lane and how it’s going to be a major disappointment is also discussed.

The Brass Ring Podcast Ep. 6 – Main Event-ception

Cameron, Tyler and a sick Dustin sit down to discuss the Royal Rumble (a week late. Sorry, we had to morn.), the Main Event-ception that occurred on Raw, when a main event was used to decide a main event to decide a main event, HHH on Stone Cold’s podcast, Chyna in the Hall of Fame, NXT, the possible awfulness that may be Fast Lane,  and we experience a few technical difficulties. We also discuss the importance of Girl Scout Cookies.

Not All Was Terrible At The Royal Rumble

By Cameron Heffernan

After a solid 24 hours of crying and complaining and the trending of #CancelWWENetwork, we all seemed to forget. We saw one of the best matches. Ever. At the Royal Rumble. So please Marks, take a second and recognize. The beast incarnate.

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The Brass Ring Podcast Ep. 4 – The Macho Man Randy Savage Episode

They guys sit down to discuss the career of Macho Man Randy Savage and his 2015 Hall of Fame induction. They also discuss the future for Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. As well as, Daniel Bryan, the Royal Rumble and wild rumors.

‘The Cream Of The Crop’: The Pure Genius of The ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage

By Cameron Heffernan

We celebrate the “Macho Man” and his, although rather late, induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

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