The Brass Ring Podcast – The Fast Lane Cometh

The guys discuss the Fast Lane to Wrestlemaina that is, Fast Lane. They also discuss the finer points of a possible Stone Cold return, Brock staying after Mania and where the WWE is headed as a company (Story-wise).


Not All Was Terrible At The Royal Rumble

By Cameron Heffernan

After a solid 24 hours of crying and complaining and the trending of #CancelWWENetwork, we all seemed to forget. We saw one of the best matches. Ever. At the Royal Rumble. So please Marks, take a second and recognize. The beast incarnate.

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The Brass Ring Podcast Episode 2

This week on Raw, saw the return of Daniel Bryan, the Authority return and Roman Reigns not look all that strong. Does this mean there’s some bad news for Roman come Royal Rumble time? Find out on the Brass Ring

WrestleMania 29 Predictions – By HefferBrew

The editors at HefferBrew give their seasoned opinions on the upcoming, grandest show of them all, WrestleMania 29.


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The 2013 HefferBrew Royal Rumble Prediction Blowout – By HefferBrew and Tyler Stickney

HefferBrew, and their resident wrestling expert, Tyler Stickney, give their predictions for the upcoming WWE PPV Royal Rumble.



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Saturday Afternoon Wrestling

Today Cameron looks at the Wrestlemania 28 match between Sheamus and Daniel Bryan, for the World Heavyweight Championship.

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Money in the Bank and Wrasslin podcast spectacular

Dustin, Tyler and Cameron sit down to discuss the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per-view, the invasion of the country of Big Show for their WMDs, John Cena, the C.M. Punk/A.J./Daniel Bryan love triangle, and the ghost of Owen Hart. Enjoy.

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