10 Things We Should Still Be Talking About In The NFL – None Being Deflated Footballs

By Cameron Heffernan

The NFL seems to be putting up a smoke screen so you forget the real controversies that took place this year. Here’s a quick rundown of some things that are more “newsworthy” than this “Deflate-gate”.

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Craptastic NFL Player Power Rankings: Where Sanchez or Lindley is the Sophie’s Choice of Craptasticness – By Cameron Heffernan

Cameron returns, with the internet, in full form to give his expert opinion on the weekly worst that the NFL has to offer.

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Thursday Night Football Picks: Browns vs. Ravens – By Dustin Brewer and Cameron Heffernan

We don’t really need to tell you who’s going to win the “Modell Bowl” but we’re going to anyway. Don’t worry this ones going to be short and sweet.

Photo from ballerssports.com

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Are You Ready For Some Football !? Part Deux: Fantasy Style Part I – By Cameron Heffernan

In another edition of “Are You Ready For Some Football,” in preparation for the NFL season Cameron shares his top-5 fantasy picks for quarterback, running-back, wide-receiver, and tight-end in part one. He’s won a fantasy football championship before. So trust him.

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